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LEGRAND is a trademark of electrical devices and advanced industry in France. Founded in 1860, Limoges, France. Legrand Group has been present in Vietnam since 1994.
Over 20 years of experience, Legrand is a supplier’s solution, which is divided into all the famous Vietnamese markets. Legrand is the first choice and the best that works with types of electrical equipment, diverse accessories such as switches, sockets, sensors, circuit breakers automatically, electrical cabinets sound walls, boxes under floor. Quality, reasonable prices and protect essential for urban design, buildings, offices, villas … Among them Practibox of Legrand’s electrical cabinet product line designed power distribution wall space combined with modern living and working with white cabinets and the door shell transparent according to international standards and has been certified to ISO 14001.

* Tủ điện 2 hàng 12 module ( 24 module )

With advanced Legrand Electrical cabinets, electrical appliances that you use every day, always designed to ensure the operating conditions and technical characteristics perfectly. An electrical panel complete include: 
– Voice recording for cabinets designed slot adapter 
– Bar rail adjustable vertically proportioned exactly sound box of the cabinet, the distance between two bar rail is 150mm 
– hand and door cabinet with double hinged door cabinets can help open from the left or right, support the sound box inserted easily. 
– Field switchgear RX3 new offers breaker against leakage RCDs and circuit breakers automatically MCBs protect essential for projects 
~ Cabinet Power Distribution Practibox fitted for residential buildings and small businesses with strain diverse categories from 6 to 72 modules.


The technical specifications are subject to multiple standards: 
– Protect Insulation: Class II according to IEC 
– Anti-solids and liquids based on 2 Japanese standards JIS C090 “The level of waterproof and protect against the intrusion of solid objects for electrical equipment “and European standards IEC529″ the level of protection by a wrapper outside ” 
– Anti-shock mechanical IK07 
– Conceal for tiles and door cupboard be hinged left or right. Can install more locks.
Legrand has been developing innovative solutions designed to save energy, to better manage the environment with absolutely friendly. Products are committed not contain substances banned under the current regulations at the time of launch, worthy in the top of the luxury goods reliably. Power distribution cabinets Legrand Practibox with aesthetic design and ease of use will certainly bring satisfaction to the living space and your work.


Customers interested in the product, please click here to view details SENIOR ELECTRICAL CABINET LEGRAND
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