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Legrand Switchgear

Legrand Switchgear

Legrand Switchgear : CB, MCCB, RCCB, DRX

Switchgear of Legrand include Automatic Circuit Breakers MCB (MCB), Aptomat block (MCCB), equipment lightning protection, block power distribution, air circuit breakers, transformers and electrical panels from the plastic insulation, as well as industrial sockets and wiring accessories.

This product line meets the stringent standards of quality and safety of the world, is designed for easy selection, reliable performance, installation efficiency and optimal safety. 
Legrand is committed to manufacturing products of advanced technology to meet the market needs of industry, commerce and modern residential areas. The products are constantly upgraded to improve efficiency and safety, enhanced aesthetics and energy savings. 
Temperature range from Legrand’s MCCB be extended to protect against overload and short circuit in the electrical equipment with limited cutting line up to 630A. The powerful MCCB is suitable for use in any environment, including harsh corrosive environments and high temperature environments.

There are three models in this line – DRX125 (limited flow from 15A to 125A),.DRX250 (with limit lines from 125A to 250A) and DRX630 (with limit lines from 320A to 630A). The device has a mechanical strength of up to 25,000.switching operations and to enhance the safety, no live parts can intervene when the system is installed safely under the cover. 

DRX125 and DRX250 samples can easily be put into and taken out of the DIN rail. All MCCB DRX can be mounted on the flange and installed in electrical cabinets Legrand XL³ in any position, even horizontally.

The front of the MCCB shows some important information.including magnetically shielded, rated current and cutting ability. (There are a few samples from 16 kVA with a capacity of up to 50 KVA). 

The MCCB operate with AC or DC power through busbars or cable. The accessories are specially designed for easy installation of wiring,.quick installation and improve safety, allow remote control. These accessories include cable TV,.the terminal expansion, and shields Insulating extenders. DRX 125 and DRX 250 hinge design so the front panel can be easily opened and closed. 

To enhance safety and prevent mistakes risk of an accident, you could use a padlock to lock the crank.

Aptomat line DRX blocks ensure Legrand’s advanced conversion,.isolation, control and long-term protection of the low voltage lines safely and reliably.


All details please refer to: https://legrand.vn/en/home

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