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Legrand pop-up floor box is new product line which has optimized and efficient design. The boxes is designed so that the cables could fit neatly inside, convenient for connection with other devices.

Legrand pop-up floor box is delicate and wise choice for residential areas as well as work places. It is a type of product that’s not only safe, convenient but also flexible and aesthetic.

Legrand pop-up floor box

One important property of the pop-up box is that it’s components could be easily changed, from one type to another type of socket.

Safety is one more time emphasized in the design of Legrand pop-up floor box. The pop-up box is designed to be installed as high as floor level to avoid stumbling. In addition, the pop-up floor box also has anti-corrosion coating, anti-shock grounding and fireproof material.

Legrand pop-up floor box