Legrand extends desk power offering with new ‘In-Desk’ range

With a view to broadening its portfolio of workstation power solutions, specialist in electrical and digital building infrastructures, Legrand UK & Ireland, has unveiled a sleek new power module that can be subtly fitted into the desktop.

The In-Desk module, finished in brushed stainless steel, opens at the touch of a button to give users instant access to workstation power sockets and high-speed USB charging. Available in two configurations, either as one socket with twin USB ports or a conventional twin socket arrangement, the ultra-slim cover closes to fit discreetly into the desk. This ensures the user has fast access to power when needed, yet can also enjoy an uncluttered working environmentwith extra desk space when the unit is not required.

The minimalist 120mm x 142mm pre-wired unit is available with a BS plug, GST or Intersoc-R connector, for simple tool-free electrical connection. It is the latest workstation power solution from the Electrak portfolio, and extends Legrand’s under-desk and on-desk offer to now include in-desk solutions. 

Steve Marr, lead marketing manager for Legrand’s power distribution business, comments: “Flexibility is often at the heart of modern workplace design. With hot-desking becoming increasingly commonplace, and the number of smart devices used by an average office employee on the rise, rapid access to power and high-speed charging is fast becoming essential to an effective working environment.

“With an elegant design and brushed stainless steel finish, the In-Desk module, enhances the modern office environment and places power and high-speed USB charging right at the employee’s finger tips. Crucially, given desk space is often at a premium, when not in the use the ultra-slim In-Desk module can be closed to discreetly blend into the desk itself.”

Legrand’s Electrak range of desk power solutions also includes the modular Intersoc under-desk range, the Intersoc range of On-Desk power and data modules, as well as Legrand’s Qi-certified wireless induction charger, which can also be installed directly into the desk

All details please refer to: https://legrand.vn/en/home