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Electrical Equipment Arteor LEGRAND

Electrical Equipment Arteor LEGRAND

Electrical Equipment Arteor LEGRAND

Wired equipment Arteor line of Legrand, from the simple switches to the advanced smart home system, offers the complete solution to manage the light today.

Electrical Equipment Arteor LEGRAND has a combination of fashion design and leading-edge technology to create devices wired with modern functionality and different models to meet the requirements, from basic functionality to the automation task complex. Legrand group’s design always apply new ideas to the production of energy-saving products and has the perfect balance between the functions and forms.

To highlight advanced features on these products, manufacturers have chosen the premium quality lệu, gives Arteor a multicultural identity consistent with its international position. Samples of this material include metal materials textile materials red mirror and leather. The other samples such as plastic, metal, tattoo, wood and stainless steel are also available.

Electrical Equipment Arteor LEGRAND  allows architects, interior designers or consultants selected devices designed matching decorative theme of each specific project. The remarkable thing is that the user can choose the design and sample code for any control function to combine and these combinations can be changed at any time to suit the main requirements properly. 

Flexibility in lighting control of Arteor allows users to create scenarios of their own lighting. Motion sensors and automatic switch dimmer as well as the new generation is not only luxurious design and flexible but also improve energy efficiency more.

Multifunction dimmer Arteor maximum optimization of energy savings from modern lighting techniques because they can adjust the brightness for all lamps. The multifunction dimmer is very suitable for control LEDs, compact fluorescent light bulbs and halogen lamps and incandescent lamps.

The dimmer This versatile modular design allows for installation.on rails for easy power cabinets new buildings or improving existing systems. Versatile system with buttons dimmer uses 2-wire technology that can be.installed without neutral wire at the same time they are also easy to replace one conventional switch. 

This system may have one or more buttons with neon to not turn on / off lights dimming control. Lights are programmed to turn back at last light, when turned off. With night light function, this device is with the bedroom, especially children’s rooms. When preset brightness for lights and turn up (eg 40%), light will subside within 1 hour until ceased.

The automatic control device or adjust the lighting in the office including wall lamp with integrated sensors,.switches and controllers automatically light sang.Co environment be improved by adding controllers access the pins sounds,.images and data simultaneously retain their flawless looks.

Legrand also focused on features special lighting needed for the hotel environment. Bedroom lights and ceiling lights or opens the curtains can be controlled at the same time,.very convenient and saves time. The multi-function icons are displayed clearly, ensuring users to easily test and control.

Technology solutions company NTM is electrical equipment distributor Legrand-one.of the most famous brands of electric equipment manufacturers worldwide with.the most advanced technology.

All details please refer to: https://legrand.vn

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