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KINGgates is a specialist in gate and door automation systems, road barrier, control, security and power systems for home and industrial automation.

KINGgates is a constantly expanding brand. It operates in a dynamic reality opening to innovations in technology and service.

KINGgates offers reliable, safe and practical solutions through its own 100% made in Italy products.

For road barriers automation, KINGgates offers OPEN. OPEN is the automation for barrier gates with bars of up to 6 m long

Open barriers are the ideal solution for automating road crossings in residential, commercial and industrial contexts.

Open is available in two versions: with bars of up to 4 or 6 m.

Thanks to the 24 V DC gear motor and possibility of regulating speed, it can satisfy a range of different requirements in terms of frequency of use and opening speed, which can reach 3.5 seconds.

Installation is made even easier by the possibility of mounting the bar either on the right or left. And the bar could also be balanced by linear regulation of the spring.

Automation safety is guaranteed by electronic management of crush protection during both opening and closing.

The electronic heart of the product is well protected inside the metal structure. It is accessible only by means of a personalised lock.